Do I need a Visa to visit Maldives?

You do not require a Visa prior to arrival in the Maldives. All tourists from all the countries in are granted free 30 day visa upon arrival. However, all the visitors need a valid travel document. If a passport expiry date falls within 30 days of arrival, tourists cannot extend their stay beyond the passport expiry date. Working / Employment under tourist visa is prohibited. Working visas are provided by the Ministry of Human Resources Employment and Labour.

Can I extend my stay while in Maldives?

You will need to obtain a “Visa Extension Form” from the Department of Immigration and Emigration and submit it to the Department before your current permit to stay is overdue. You might have to prove your financial status.

Relaxed regulatory restrictions and good incentives offer an attractive opportunity to set up an international finance centre in the country

Can I travel to Maldives as a tourist and get employed in the Maldives?

No. A tourist will not be switched to a resident who is permitted to work. Resident permits are issued to expatriates who enter into the Maldives with Work Permits.

How do I get a Resident Permit to work in the Maldives?

Obtain a copy of the Work Permit, issued by the Ministry of Higher Education, Employment and Social Security, from your employer before you leave Singapore.

How can I check whether the Work Permit I have is valid?

Fax or bring a copy of the Work Permit you have to us and we will check the authenticity of the Permit from the concerned authority in the Maldives. After checking the authenticity we will “Attest” the copy depending on the response from the Maldivian authorities.

Can I marry a Maldivian while I am in the Maldives?

No. Your intention to get married to a Maldivian must be submitted in writing to the Department of Immigration and Emigration before your arrival in the Maldives. You may send a fax to +960 332 1100 or if you wish, the Embassy can forward the letter for you.

What do I do if I am already in the Maldives?

You have to travel out of Maldives and send a letter to the Department of Immigration and Emigration, mentioning your intention and re-enter to Maldives. If you wish, the Embassy can forward the letter for you.

What are the languages spoken?

Dhivehi – a language spoken exclusively by Maldivians is the National language, but English is used widely in commerce and education.

What currencies are used?

The national currency is Rufiyaa (MRf) and Laari (L) (1 Rufiyaa – 100 Laaris), and bank notes come in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500 in addition to coins in the denominations of MRf 2, MRf 1 and 50 L.

What credit cards are accepted?

American Express, Visa, Master Card, Diners Club, JCB and Euro Card

Are there hospitals and medical facilities?

Maldives has excellent medical and dental services, pharmacies, two hospitals and many private clinics in the capital city of Male’.