The Embassy of the Maldives in Singapore extends consular services to Maldivian nationals, residing in or visiting Singapore. We also provides information, advice and consular assistance to the Maldivians in Singapore.

Maldives Documents Issued from Maldives Embassy in Singapore:

  1. Passport
  2. Certificate of Identity (Temporary Travel Document)
  3. Maldives Identity Card

Other Services

  • Delivering assistance to Maldivians in case of emergencies such as an accident or fatality, and arrange for the next of kin/guardians to be informed
  • Assisting in registration of birth / marriages/divorces for Maldivians.
  • Visiting Maldivian citizen who are detained by local law enforcement agencies or has been arrested or imprisoned.
  • Facilitating certification of documents as a Notary Public (Authentication and Notarization Services)
  • Notary/Authentication Services